A photo of an oil pumpjack in a field with wind turbines. The graphic overlay reads CHART OF THE WEEK

Clean energy

Chart: Clean energy investment to hit $1.7T, widening lead on fossil fuels

That’s more than the $1 trillion oil, gas and coal will get this year — but still a far cry from the $4 trillion IEA says will be needed annually by 2030.



The Carbon Copy

Why Texas Republicans are trying to crush wind and solar

Texas is the state with the most wind and utility-scale solar in development. But Republicans are suddenly trying to stop the industry's growth. Why?

Stephen Lacey  . 


Oakland homeowner Cheryl Ajirotutu and Mark Hall, CEO of Revalue.io, in front of Ajirotutu's all-electric home


Home of the future: Climate-friendly, electrified and closer than ever

The technology and policies are falling into place. But we’ll need a revolution in U.S. home retrofit business models and financing to scale up enough to meet the climate challenge.