Solar panels on the red-tile roof of a stucco home, with hills in the background

Grid edge

Sunnova seeks $3.3B DOE loan guarantee to expand virtual power plants

An SEC filing suggests the federal Loan Programs Office is gearing up to help lower-income households access rooftop solar and batteries that can help the grid.



The Carbon Copy

A bank collapse threatens climate startups

Silicon Valley Bank’s meltdown leaves a big hole for early-stage companies building climate solutions. What comes next?

Stephen Lacey  . 


Oakland homeowner Cheryl Ajirotutu and Mark Hall, CEO of, in front of Ajirotutu's all-electric home


Home of the future: Climate-friendly, electrified and closer than ever

The technology and policies are falling into place. But we’ll need a revolution in U.S. home retrofit business models and financing to scale up enough to meet the climate challenge.