• Video: How the Gulf Coast is leading the way on clean hydrogen production
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Clean energy journalism for a cooler tomorrow

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Video: How the Gulf Coast is leading the way on clean hydrogen production

Canary Media joins the Weather Channel to discuss the latest energy boom in Texas.
By Julian Spector

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Two TV hosts, one male and one female, engage in a video chat with a reporter with light red hair, glasses and a beard.

Hydrogen may be our best hope for decarbonizing heavy industry and long-haul transportation — if it’s produced in ways that do not release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Right now, though, most of the hydrogen that’s made in the U.S. is emissions-intensive.

Canary Media recently dove deep into the promise and the pitfalls of hydrogen as a tool for decarbonization for our series The Dawn of the Clean Hydrogen Economy. I also joined The Weather Channel’s climate-focused show Pattrn to talk about my reporting on the Gulf Coast clean hydrogen boom.

Hosts Jordan Steele and Stephanie Abrams and I discussed how to make cleaner hydrogen, why the heart of the American fossil-fuel industry is poised to excel at it and who will get to use this clean energy product.

Watch the video below.

Julian Spector is a senior reporter at Canary Media. He reports on batteries, long-duration energy storage, low-carbon hydrogen and clean energy breakthroughs around the world.