• Video: Canary discusses cleaning up heavy industry on the Weather Channel
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Clean energy journalism for a cooler tomorrow

Video: Canary discusses cleaning up heavy industry on the Weather Channel

Reporter Maria Gallucci shares the highlights from our week of in-depth coverage on decarbonizing steel, concrete and chemicals.
By Maria Gallucci

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Two news anchors sitting on a blue couch speak to a woman on a video screen with shoulder-length brown hair and pale glasses

Canary Media recently took a deep dive into the world’s top three emitting industries: steel, cement and chemicals. In a week of special coverage, we explored the outsize challenges and promising solutions involved in cleaning up these dirty, vital corners of the global economy.

On Thursday, I joined The Weather Channel’s climate-focused weekday show Pattrn to sum up the highlights from our Tough Stuff” series. In an interview with meteorologists Stephanie Abrams and Paul Goodloe, I discussed innovative ideas for making low-carbon cement; how green hydrogen might replace coal in steelmaking; and early efforts to electrify a particularly CO2-intensive step in chemical manufacturing.

Tune in to hear our conversation — and learn why I say that, though these three key industries may be described as hard-to-abate,” decarbonizing them is far from impossible.

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Maria Gallucci is a senior reporter at Canary Media. She covers emerging clean energy technologies and efforts to electrify transportation and decarbonize heavy industry.