• Video: Canary breaks down the fight over US LNG on the Weather Channel
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Video: Canary breaks down the fight over US LNG on the Weather Channel

Reporter Maria Gallucci explains how America’s intensifying debate over liquefied natural gas is coming to a head in South Texas.
By Maria Gallucci

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The United States is producing and exporting more liquefied natural gas, or LNG, than ever before. Last year, the country became the world’s largest exporter of the superchilled fossil fuel — a development that is raising urgent questions in Washington, D.C. and nationwide about the role that U.S.-made LNG should play in the world’s energy future.

On Wednesday, I joined The Weather Channel’s climate-focused weekday show Pattrn to explain how that debate is playing out in South Texas. In an interview with meteorologists Jordan Steele and Felicia Combs, I discussed my recent reporting from the Texas Gulf Coast, where developers are planning two giant LNG export terminals and two related gas pipelines.

Some local officials and business leaders support the projects. Yet many community members — including Indigenous leaders, environmental activists, city council members and residents — are worried that the LNG infrastructure will harm the region’s natural environment and threaten people’s health, while also exacerbating the climate crisis. (See more scenes from South Texas in this companion photo essay.)

Watch the video below.

Maria Gallucci is a senior reporter at Canary Media. She covers emerging clean energy technologies and efforts to electrify transportation and decarbonize heavy industry.