Sponsorship charter

Canary Media welcomes mission-driven corporate and nonprofit entities aligned with our goal to advance the clean energy transition through ambitious, independent journalism.

Who we partner with

Businesses and organizations that are aggressively pursuing and enabling decarbonization and that:

  • Believe in empowerment through fact-based information
  • Are wholeheartedly committed to diversity, inclusion and equity
  • Have made a demonstrable commitment to ESG metrics (more below)

No greenwashing

Canary Media sponsors must show a demonstrable commitment to environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) metrics and satisfy at least one of the following requirements:

  • Core business in clean energy or decarbonization
  • Full member of an action-oriented clean energy or decarbonization association, such as RE100, We Mean Business (or a sub-coalition) or the Clean Energy Buyers Association
  • Science-based net-zero targets (at least 40% by 2030)

Canary Media has full discretion to evaluate and approve all sponsorships, including branding and campaigns. Canary can reject sponsorships for any reason, including but not limited to quality, reputation, controversy or legal grounds.

Types of engagements

Supported content

Supported content is editorially independent. It is created by the Canary Media editorial staff without approval from the sponsor. For supported content, preference is given to sponsors that very closely align with our mission.

Supported content can also take the form of grant-based independent journalism that is written and produced without approval from the funding source.


Advertising on Canary is produced by the advertiser. The Canary Media staff is not involved in the creation of these assets or campaigns.

Branded content

Canary Media’s branded content team works closely with sponsors to craft engaging narratives that advance common goals of an equitable energy transition. Branded content is produced collaboratively with mission-aligned sponsors and can be tailored for Canary Media’s channels. The editorial staff of Canary is never involved in the creation of this content. Payments for sponsored content are not tax-deductible.