Laurie Stone

Laurie Stone is the managing editor for RMI. Prior to joining RMI, she was the international program manager for Solar Energy International, where she organized renewable energy trainings around the world. She also wrote articles for environmental magazines and was green building editor for Home Power magazine.

Stone has extensive experience working on and documenting rural-electrification renewable-energy projects throughout Latin America. She spent a year installing solar rural-electrification systems in repatriated refugee communities in El Salvador with an organization she cofounded called Solar Community Projects, and spent a year working on solar water distillation at the Engineering University in Managua, Nicaragua. She has also led renewable-energy and energy-efficiency tours of Cuba with Eco-Cuba Network since 1996. Stone currently serves as an advisory board member to Remote Energy, a nonprofit organization serving as a technical/​teaching arm for organizations that are working on international clean energy programs.

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