• Video: Weather Channel spotlights Canary coverage of Puerto Rico solar surge
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Video: Weather Channel spotlights Canary coverage of Puerto Rico solar surge

Watch Canary’s Maria Gallucci discuss Puerto Rico’s boom in rooftop solar on the cable channel’s climate show, Pattrn.
By Canary Staff

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Canary Media made its cable TV debut last week when reporter Maria Gallucci joined a Weather Channel program to discuss her in-depth coverage of Puerto Rico’s rooftop solar boom. Gallucci sat down remotely with meteorologists Stephanie Abrams and Jordan Steele, who host the channel’s climate-focused weekday show Pattrn.

Nearly five years after Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico and all but destroyed the island’s centralized electricity system, small-scale solar systems are taking off across the U.S. territory. With an eye toward this year’s Atlantic hurricane season, which officially started June 1, the three discussed how Puerto Ricans are becoming more resilient by producing and storing their own electricity at home — and how much work is still needed to keep the island’s 3.2 million residents from experiencing future crippling blackouts.