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Video: Watch this company recycle EV batteries by crushing them

By Julian Spector

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Workers in safety gear sort through scrap material on a conveyer built
(Binh Nguyen/Canary Media)

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How do you grind up an old lithium-ion battery without starting a fire?

It’s not so easy, but startup Ascend Elements figured out a way to do it at its newly opened recycling plant in Covington, Georgia. This facility takes scrap from nearby manufacturers in the Southeastern Battery Belt, as well as old electric vehicle batteries, and carefully shreds them in specialized machinery. This produces a fine powder called black mass, which contains the materials needed to make a new battery’s cathodes and anodes.

Ascend currently sells this black mass to battery manufacturers, but the startup will soon refine the materials itself at a $1 billion factory in southern Kentucky.

Ascend’s process tackles the issue of battery waste while generating new materials, cutting down on the need for new mining. Here’s what it looks like.

(Barbara Lantz / Canary Media)

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