How to support fact-based journalism on climate solutions

Canary Media needs you!
By Julian Spector

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Today I’m going to break from our usual programming to write you a personal appeal.

My colleagues and I launched Canary Media just under eight months ago as a nonprofit climate newsroom. That means we thrive thanks to the support of readers like you. Since it’s Giving Tuesday and you’re likely planning which charitable causes you want to support in the final stretch of the year, I wanted to make sure you know you can help us out.

Donate here to support Canary Media’s independent reporting on solutions to the climate crisis.

Any tax-deductible donations you make go straight to funding our award-winning journalism and helping us grow our reporting operation, so we can tell more stories and investigate more leads on the energy transition. We’ve already grown to 13 full-time staff, but that’s still not enough to cover all the angles on this crucial topic. We’re on the lookout for more editors and reporters to dig deeper on environmental justice, breakthrough energy technologies and climate action around the world.

Donations from supporters are especially crucial to us because the general state of the media business is precarious, to say the least. Even media companies that seem established and successful are vulnerable to mass layoffs at the whims of their profit-seeking ownership.

Those media outlets that have found a profitable model for energy journalism often end up taking money from the same oil giants they are ostensibly holding accountable.

Canary Media does not accept ads or sponsorships from fossil fuel companies. Instead, we rely on support from people and entities committed to a clean energy transition at the pace that climate science demands. We are proud of this model, which undergirds our editorial independence, but it means reader donations and philanthropic grants are all the more crucial for our survival.

If you love to start your day with this newsletter, and you want to personally support more independent journalism on clean energy and climate change, please give what you can! And tell your friends and any grant-giving entities you’re on good terms with.

I can confirm that we’re a lean operation. It’s one of the elegant things about building an organization from scratch. Nothing exists unless we make it happen; consequently, we don’t have the luxury of wasting time because there’s so much to do.

Since April, we’ve:

That’s just the beginning. There’s much more to come. Now that we have the key components of our media infrastructure in place, we can really let loose on the journalistic side. It’ll be a fun year ahead, and I hope you’ll be a part of it as a valued supporter.

Thank you for reading and backing us! Please donate today.

Julian Spector is a senior reporter at Canary Media. He reports on batteries, long-duration energy storage, low-carbon hydrogen and clean energy breakthroughs around the world.