Will truck lovers go electric?

From charging infrastructure to battery life, customers have questions.

On The Carbon Copy podcast this week:

Six out of seven car commercials shown during this year’s Superbowl touted electric vehicles. That’s up from zero EV ads just four years ago. 

Ford, Chevy, GMC and Toyota are all betting big on electric, and they’re hoping that electric models of their most popular light-duty trucks will entice a whole new class of drivers.

It’s led many car manufacturers and analysts to dub 2022 the year of the electric truck.”

The question remains: Will this big push toward electric be able to overcome infrastructure shortcomings, battery-range concerns and a deeply ingrained diesel car culture, especially in rural areas? 

This week: a conversation with a driver and a dealer about how the electric-truck revolution might play out. 

Our guests are Christopher Preston, professor of environmental philosophy at the University of Montana, and Whitney Olson, vice president of Bison Ford in Great Falls, Montana.

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