Why Texas Republicans are trying to crush wind and solar

Texas is the state with the most wind and utility-scale solar in development. But Republicans are suddenly trying to stop the industry’s growth. Why?

On The Carbon Copy podcast this week:

Republicans dominate every part of the state government in Texas. It’s been that way for two decades.

It also happens to be the state with the most wind and utility-scale solar development in the country. Over their 20 years of dominance, Texas Republicans have mostly supported renewables, often enthusiastically. But lately, they’ve turned against them.

In a very short span of time, America’s fastest-growing renewables state has become hostile to wind and solar. What happened?

This week, we’ll look at the history and political fads that are driving the Texas renewables backlash. We’ll talk with the Houston Chronicle’s Chris Tomlinson about how much it could unravel the market.

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