Why electric cars are driving the auto strikes

Ongoing strikes in the auto industry are a test case for an equitable energy transition.

On The Carbon Copy podcast this week:

Just as the auto industry resolves supply-chain problems stemming from the Covid pandemic, a new disruptive force has emerged: labor disputes.

Nearly 20,000 American autoworkers are on strike as they ask for higher pay, better benefits and other concessions. At the heart of their concerns is one big question: Will the shift to electric cars leave them worse off? 

We’ll look at a strike that is sparking widespread debate about how to support the companies making electric vehicles for the masses — and the workers who make them. 

Then, we’ll discuss the push for green steel. Are automakers a key component of the push to move low- and zero-carbon steel into mass production?

Finally, as the presidential campaign gets noisier, we look at how Republicans are talking about climate and energy.

Joining us this week are Maria Gallucci of Canary Media and Katherine Hamilton of 38 North.

Stories we mention in this episode:

  • Canary Media: DOE offers $15.5 billion to retool existing auto plants for EVs

  • New York Times: Battle over electric vehicles is central to auto strike

  • Canary Media: Major steel users band together to place first big green steel” order

  • Energy Monitor op-ed: The road to clean steel runs through automakers

  • Bloomberg: Ron DeSantis pledges more fossil fuel production

  • New York Times: A roundup of what GOP candidates say about climate change

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