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The future of the broken’ grid: A partner-supported episode

A conversation with Intersect Power’s Sheldon Kimber on how to get around the grid problems in America.

This is a partner-supported episode of The Carbon Copy brought to you by Intersect Power.

The U.S. grid is in trouble. It’s aging, and it’s really hard to add new transmission lines, which limits the amount of wind and solar power we can add to the system.

Sheldon Kimber, founder and CEO of the clean energy development firm Intersect Power, says the grid is broken.” But he has a plan to get around those constraints. 

In this episode, produced in partnership with Intersect Power, Sheldon Kimber talks with Stephen Lacey about creative strategies for building renewables that don’t rely on overhauling the grid. 

Read more about Sheldon Kimber’s vision on how this strategy will play out in this op-ed published at Latitude Media.

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