Could a green upheaval’ embolden Russia?

What Germany’s complicated relationship with Russia tells us about the messy geopolitics of the energy transition.

This is a crossover episode between The Carbon Copy and Columbia Energy Exchange.

The conflict between Ukraine and Russia is intensifying. President Biden says Putin could send troops into Ukraine any day.

Some NATO countries, including the U.S., are sending military equipment to Ukraine. But Germany is holding back — and that is partly because of fears over gas supply.

Jason Bordoff has been watching the diplomatic dance, and he says it is closely tied to the geopolitics of energy.

It reveals the tricky dynamics between Russia and the rest of Europe. Countries including Germany have invested vast amounts of money in renewables in the hopes of cutting dependence on imported fossil fuels. But they’re still deeply tied to Russia’s gas. 

This week on The Carbon Copy, we look at how the clean energy transition might actually strengthen petrostates including Russia before finally changing which countries wield the power.

Guest: Jason Bordoff, director of the Center on Global Energy Policy and host of Columbia Energy Exchange.

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