Should we eat bugs, farmed fish or soy?

Introducing Climavores: a show about eating on a changing planet.

This week, we’re featuring an episode of Climavores. Climavores is a show for eaters who are trying to navigate the complex relationship between healthy food and a healthy planet. Journalists Tamar Haspel and Mike Grunwald are trying to figure it out, too. In this mailbag episode of the show, Tamar and Mike respond to some interesting queries from listeners.

Each week, Tamar and Mike explore the complicated, confusing and surprising relationship between food and the environment. Climavores cuts through hype and ideology, explores the stories behind our perceptions of food and empowers listeners to make food choices that are actually good for the planet.

We are featuring a live episode of Climavores in New York City on October 20. Tamar and Mike will be joined by reporters from Canary Media, Politico, The City and Post Script Media for a night of live audio and networking. Come ask a question!