Rooftop solar boosts grid reliability in fossil-dependent New England

Solar systems on roofs in the region are helping to shut down a large gas-fired power plant. Meanwhile, utility-scale solar is keeping the lights on as Texas swelters.

On The Carbon Copy podcast this week:

For years, rooftop solar was overlooked as a reliability solution in New England. But in a very sudden reversal, the region’s grid operator now says it’s critical to keep the lights on.

New England doesn’t have its own fossil resources, so the region is dependent on oil and natural gas imported from other parts of the country. Over the last decade and a half, a number of aging coal, nuclear and oil-fired units have been retired. Because of interconnection constraints and lots of NIMBYism, gas, rather than utility-scale renewables, has mostly filled in the gap. 

But distributed solar is suddenly providing a benefit for the New England system operator that will help it close an aging, expensive gas power plant that has been kept in operation for reliability reasons. 

This week, we talk with reporter Ben Storrow about his reporting on the value of solar. First, we’ll look at what’s changed in New England. Then we’ll turn our attention to Texas, where renewables have been critical for managing the grid during a sweltering summer that has brought record-breaking power demand.

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