New York’s clean energy puzzle

Huge renewables targets, nuclear closures and transmission constraints. Can New York pull it off?

On The Carbon Copy podcast this week:

New York has a puzzle that it needs to solve — fast. In less than a decade, the state is aiming to radically increase renewable electricity generation, all while helping New Yorkers electrify their homes and businesses. 

The state’s ambitious policy plan for 70% renewables by 2050 will succeed or fail based on how it can develop the supporting infrastructure, like transmission, ports and batteries.

So how will New York’s energy transition play out? 

This week, we have a panel from our recent live event with Canary Media addressing exactly that question, featuring leading reporters covering decarbonization and energy markets in New York: Canary Media journalist Maria Gallucci, The City journalist Samantha Maldonado and Politico journalist Marie French.

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