Making sense of advanced nuclear’s stumbles

What’s behind the recent troubles for nuclear startups? And can global nuclear capacity actually triple by 2050?

On The Carbon Copy podcast this week:

The nuclear power industry is grappling with several issues: high interest rates, rising commodity prices, supply-chain constraints, limited fuel availability and a regulatory environment that has been slow to adapt to new technologies. 

In the West, nuclear know-how has faded over the decades. Even with a surge in policy support and public interest, development is stagnant and capacity has fallen. Momentum has moved over to Asia, mostly China. 

While global renewables have tripled in just over a decade, net global nuclear capacity has barely budged upward. The reality is that we may need to see capacity double — or even triple — by 2050 to keep us on a net-zero path, on top of tripling global wind and solar capacity.

So this week, we’ll revisit the stories shaping nuclear power in 2023. Are we getting anywhere closer to unlocking real growth? Or will the industry stay in a perpetual holding pattern?

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