Live: The most ambitious city energy transition in America

The race to 100% clean power is on in Los Angeles.

On The Carbon Copy podcast this week:

In 2021, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s supercomputer determined that Los Angeles could hit 100% clean power within a decade and a half. But how will it be implemented in reality — and in a way that benefits everyone?

That’s the $86 billion question for the city. 

There are many other questions to answer: How will a utility serving 4 million residents and businesses phase out coal and gas, triple its yearly buildout of renewables and batteries, electrify 80% of homes and cars, build new transmission, and ramp up hydrogen and other forms of cutting-edge storage — all by 2035?

This week, we dig into those challenges on stage with Marty Adams, general manager and chief engineer of the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power. The conversation was recorded live at the Intersolar North America conference in Long Beach, California.

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