Live: How AI could supercharge climatetech

The business world is about to get turned upside down by artificial intelligence. How will it impact energy?

On The Carbon Copy podcast this week:

Up until six months ago, artificial intelligence might not have squeaked into the top five areas of climatetech for most people.

But the Cambrian explosion of large language models — led by ChatGPT — has suddenly hooked hundreds of millions of users, offered mind-boggling creative capabilities that have surprised almost everyone, and kicked off an AI arms race in the tech world.

What are the most compelling applications for AI in energy? This week, we feature a live conversation with Priya Donti, MIT professor and executive director of Climate Change AI; Amy Francetic, managing general partner at Buoyant Ventures; and Jesse Morris, CEO of the Energy Web Foundation.

In this episode, recorded at Greentown Labs in the Boston area, we explore the wide range of AI applications for grid modeling, renewable energy integration, research & development, and product development. We also stretch beyond AI and talk about the wider digital layer that is fundamental to building and maintaining an increasingly electric, distributed energy system. 

You can also watch the conversation on video.

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