Inflation plagues clean energy. How bad is it?

Grid constraints, financing costs and supply-chain snags are causing problems for developers. When will it be resolved?

On The Carbon Copy podcast this week:

Wind, solar and batteries have seen steady, fairly predictable cost drops over the last two decades. But now a combination of pressures — supply-chain turmoil, grid constraints, interest rates, labor costs — has raised costs for products and projects. And they’re challenging the commercial viability of emerging sectors such as offshore wind and hydrogen.

So how will the market work through this inflationary blip? And are there other policy interventions to ease pressures? This week, we explore clean energy’s inflation problem.

Then, the International Energy Agency says peak fossil-fuel consumption is upon us. But what does that actually mean? We’ll put the peak” into perspective. 

Joining us this week are Katherine Hamilton of 38 North, Michael O’Boyle of Energy Innovation and Maria Gallucci of Canary Media.

Stories we mention in this episode:

  • Latitude Media: The ripple effect of rising wind costs

  • WSJ: Green power gets pricier after years of declines

  • Canary Media: Offshore wind pushes ahead despite industry turmoil

  • NYT: IEA forecasts peak fossil fuel demand

  • Washington Post: Peak” fossil fuels isn’t what it sounds like

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