How to triple renewables by 2030

We tackle the on-the-ground reality of developing 11 terawatts of renewable capacity.

On The Carbon Copy podcast this week:

It took 12 years to triple global renewables — and now the world needs to do it again in just eight years. 

As the latest U.N. climate summit begins, there’s a proposal on the table to triple renewable energy capacity by 2030. Countries may agree to it in theory, but can the market meet it in practice?

This week, we’ll look at why this tripling is necessary, how it could be done and which technologies will dominate.

Then, we’ll address a confusing narrative that has emerged around electric cars. We’re seeing a historic ramp-up in domestic EV production and record sales. But many are fretting that the market is weakening — and automakers are pulling back. What gives?

We’ll end with the forecast: our picks for stories that tell us something about the near or far future.

Joining us this week are Katherine Hamilton of 38 North Solutions and Shalini Ramanathan of Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners.

Resources mentioned in the show:

  • BNEF: Tripling global renewables by 2030 is necessary to achieve net zero

  • Carbon Brief: Why deals at COP28 to triple renewables and double efficiency are crucial 

  • Latitude Media: To triple renewables capacity, solar is a boon — and a potential problem

  • NYT: A new law supercharged EV manufacturing, but not sales

  • Business Insider: Automakers are scrambling over EVs

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