From empty concrete to offshore wind hub

How Sunset Park, Brooklyn is creating an inclusive model for developing the green industries of the future.

On The Carbon Copy podcast this week:

Producer Alexandria Herr takes a trip to Sunset Park, Brooklyn and gets a peek into the future. What is now an empty stretch of concrete sandwiched between a Costco and the Upper New York Harbor will soon be transformed into a hub of green industry: a facility to assemble offshore wind turbines. 

Norwegian energy giant Equinor has designated the South Brooklyn Marine Terminal as the future hub of its offshore wind operations in the U.S. Community leaders in Sunset Park, a neighborhood that has long faced a multitude of environmental-justice issues, are hoping the project will bring workforce development and green energy jobs to the community. 

Canary journalist Maria Gallucci brings us her reporting on the project in Sunset Park and how it might be a model for how communities facing environmental-justice issues can lead the green industries of the future. Read her story.

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