For Microsoft, AI is an unlock’ for decarbonization

A conversation with Microsoft’s Hanna Grene on the many ways AI is impacting utility operations.

On The Carbon Copy podcast this week:

Microsoft was an early mover in integrating OpenAI’s large language model into its Azure cloud services. Now every part of Microsoft’s technology stack — from cloud infrastructure to data analytics to consumer apps — will be reimagined” for the AI era, according to CEO Satya Nadella. As a result, every industry will inevitably be impacted by AI.

Utilities will also find themselves at the center of this shift, even if most aren’t yet actively investing in AI for grid management. Generative AI will increasingly start to influence back-office operations and customer support inside utilities for focus and efficiency,” explained Microsoft’s Hanna Grene during an on-stage discussion at Latitude Media’s Transition-AI: New York conference.

This week, we feature a conversation from our Transition-AI conference with Hanna. We talk with her about how large language models and other forms of artificial intelligence are making their way inside utilities — and why AI isn’t as intimidating as it seems.

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