For AI on the grid, it’s all about the data

There are dozens of applications for AI in the electricity sector — but ethics and data quality are crucial.

On The Carbon Copy podcast this week:

Last week, we started the show with a simple question: What do we want from the artificial-intelligence systems that are advancing so rapidly? 

Inevitably, when we start grappling with that question, we have to talk about ethics and data quality.

This week, we feature two conversations about the ethics and implementation of AI across the energy economy. 

We’ll talk with Pamela Isom, an AI ethicist and former director of the DOE’s artificial intelligence and technology office, about the happy path” of implementation that avoids racial, gender and economic bias.

Then we’ll feature a roundtable of experts about building AI systems on the grid. The participants include David Groarke, managing partner at Indigo Advisory Group; Elizabeth Cook, the director of advanced grid systems at Duquesne Light Company; Titiaan Palazzi, head of power utilities at Snowflake; and Jess Melanson, the chief operating officer at Utilidata.

For all these experts, the deployment of effective and fair AI systems is all about the quality of the data.

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