Are Biden’s climate ambitions slipping away?

This week on The Carbon Copy: The president may still have a slim chance to do something big on climate — but for how much longer?

On The Carbon Copy podcast this week:

President Biden wants to slash America’s carbon emissions by half in a decade’s time. He can’t achieve that goal without passing Build Back Better, a massive social-spending bill that devotes half a trillion dollars to clean energy.

Build Back Better would be the biggest American investment in climate technologies and programs ever made. The stakes couldn’t be higher.

But with a slim Democratic majority in the Senate, a single dissenting-vote legislator threatens to derail the bill. And right before Christmas, Senator Joe Manchin declared that he will not vote for it.

So are Biden’s climate ambitions dead?

There’s still hope that Senator Manchin will come around — even if it means another period of intense negotiations.

This week, an insider gives an optimistic assessment of how we move ahead with America’s most ambitious piece of climate legislation.

Guest: Katherine Hamilton, chair of 38 North Solutions.

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