America’s historic climate law, one year in

We sit down with three Canary Media reporters who are following how the money is moving, where projects are getting built and what is still in flux.

On The Carbon Copy podcast this week:

A year after it was passed, the Inflation Reduction Act is already reshaping the climatetech, energy and automotive industries in the U.S.

New factories for a wide array of clean energy components are being planned. Old factories are being reopened, retooled or expanded. According to a Canary Media analysis, that is amounting to nearly $80 billion in new investments in the manufacturing sector for electric cars, EV parts, batteries, battery recycling, and wind and solar assembly.

Wind, solar and battery developers are planning major increases in deal flow and projects, thanks to expanded tax credits. 

Meanwhile, companies that are building an emerging set of technologies, including carbon removal, green” hydrogen and novel long-duration storage, are also expanding.

But there are still plenty of debates and uncertainties around implementation, ranging from how to structure subsidies, who benefits from them and whether they’ll be enough to keep supply chains rooted in America for the long haul. 

On this week’s episode of The Carbon Copy, we have a conversation with three Canary Media journalists who are reporting on the lasting impacts of the IRA: reporters Maria Gallucci and Julian Spector, and Jeff St. John, director of news and special projects.

Read all of Canary’s coverage of how the IRA is impacting America’s domestic energy industry.

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