A reality check on corporate sustainability

How large companies are claiming credit for climate progress that isn’t actually happening.

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On The Carbon Copy podcast this week:

There’s no doubt that corporations are thinking differently about climate risk and action. But are they making real progress?

This week, we have two conversations on the murkiness of corporate sustainability efforts. 

We’ll talk with Sinduja Rangarajan, a senior investigative data reporter at Bloomberg, about the creative accounting methods that are inflating the emissions-reduction progress of large companies. She and journalist Ben Elgin recently dug through 6,000 corporate reports on climate initiatives. The pair found that the world’s biggest companies may be failing to account for as much as a combined 112 million metric tons of emissions, which is equal to the annual output of 24 million cars.

We’ll also hear from Joel Makower, co-founder of GreenBiz Group and co-host of the GreenBiz 350 podcast. He’s been covering corporate sustainability for nearly three decades. We talk about what is actually making an impact in corporate sustainability — and what is still holding it back.

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