Private-sector reactions to the Inflation Reduction Act

The Inflation Reduction Act is a huge new economic opportunity for clean energy. But industry leaders now have the tough job of making it a reality.

President Biden and Democratic leaders hosted a nearly full-day celebratory event at the White House last week to underscore the passage of the historic Inflation Reduction Act. But the hard work of implementing the law and rolling out its $370 billion in climate and clean energy investments is only just beginning. 

In this Political Climate Newsflash episode, host Julia Pyper and producer Maria Virginia Olano bring you an inside look at what’s next for companies and organizations on the front lines of making the promise of the IRA a reality. Cleantech industry leaders from BlocPower, Sunrun, Qcells, Breakthrough Energy and more gathered at a roundtable ahead of the White House event to discuss the road ahead. This episode features voices from that conversation. 

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