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A new era for US energy innovation

The Inflation Reduction Act has been aptly labeled a climate bill,” but in many ways, it’s an American competitiveness bill.”

On the Political Climate podcast this week:

In this episode, we discuss how the Inflation Reduction Act — signed into law this week by President Biden — is poised to change the U.S. innovation landscape. With new support for laboratory research and real-world project demonstrations, building out supply chains and more, we may be entering a new era for American competitiveness.

Building and deploying clean energy technology within the U.S. is a major focus of the $450 billion spending package, with the potential for exporting those solutions around the globe. This new investment comes amid concerns that the U.S. has been falling behind other nations (most notably China) in the global energy innovation race.

Varun Sivaram, senior advisor to U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry and his managing director for clean energy, innovation, and competitiveness, joins the podcast, as well as Nick Montoni, senior innovation policy advisor for the Climate and Energy Program at Third Way.

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