Is American offshore wind becoming a reality?

Biden’s goal to deploy 30,000 MW by 2030 is jump-starting the offshore wind industry, aiming to create up to 83,000 jobs and $25 billion in annual economic output.

Where are the offshore wind projects in America? While turbines have become a familiar sight in states across the country, offshore wind is virtually non-existent. 

Even with thousands of miles of coastline, the U.S. only has around 40 megawatts of offshore wind production, most of it from a single wind farm. This pales in comparison to other parts of the world, particularly Europe, which has more than 25 gigawatts of offshore wind capacity from more than 100 offshore wind farms.

But the market landscape for offshore wind in the U.S. is poised to change dramatically, with industry and policy efforts aligning to finally access this untapped clean energy resource.

In this episode, we discuss this new frontier in the U.S. energy transition with Heather Zichal, CEO of the American Clean Power Association.

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