Biden’s climate record, one year in

Climate action was a top issue in the 2020 election, but has the president lived up to his campaign promises?

President Joe Biden campaigned for the White House on a number of key climate promises. When he officially took office, hopes were high that bold climate action would be at the center of the Biden policy platform. One year later, where does his record stand? On this episode of Political Climate, our hosts look at what the Biden administration has achieved during the president’s first year in office.

Of course, a big component of President Biden’s climate agenda is still in limbo. The Build Back Better Act would devote $555 billion to clean energy and climate measures, along with a suite of social programs. Prospects for passing the full bill in the Senate were quashed late last year. But now there’s talk of moving some provisions forward in a trimmed-down version of BBB, one that could garner the 50 Democrat votes needed to pass. 

To kick off the show, hosts Julia Pyper, Brandon Hurlbut and Shane Skelton evaluate the odds of a climate-focused Build Back Better Act making it across the finish line. 

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