How to boost American-made clean energy

Plus, the solar trade case that’s putting the whole industry at risk.

A major push is underway to onshore energy production and manufacturing in America now that Russia’s attack on Ukraine has highlighted the vulnerabilities of global energy supply chains. But the undertaking is complicated by competing political priorities, as U.S. leaders seek to strengthen the country’s energy security while advancing its climate goals. 

On this episode of Political Climate, our hosts talk through efforts to boost American-made clean energy through executive action. They also check the status of Democrats’ budget reconciliation bill as the midterm election season approaches and examine a new push to cut a bipartisan climate deal.

Also on the show (33.30), a conversation with Abby Hopper, CEO of the Solar Energy Industries Association, about a trade case launched in the name of boosting American clean energy manufacturing that threatens to derail U.S. solar deployment, putting jobs at risk and climate goals out of reach. 

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