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How clean energy can strengthen democracies

Clean energy grows economies and reduces carbon emissions. Can it also help strengthen democracies?

On the Political Climate podcast this week:

Helping to strengthen democracies may seem like a tall order for a set of technologies. But when you consider how petro-dictatorships have roiled global markets in the past year — triggering price spikes, causing resource shortages and even playing a role in sparking armed conflicts — the prospect of making the U.S. an arsenal of clean energy could help pave the way to more stability. 

Political Climate launched the Arsenal of Clean Energy” podcast series to tackle tough questions on how to balance climate action with immediate energy demands, while maintaining affordable prices for consumers, promoting economic growth and enhancing national security. In this fourth and final episode of the series, host Julia Pyper sits down with Josh Freed, the head of Third Way’s Climate and Energy Program, to connect the dots on these topics and discuss the best path forward. 

To round out the episode, we hear from U.S. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm on why now is a critical time for America to lead. 

The Arsenal of Clean Energy” series is made possible by Third Way, a center-left think tank championing modern solutions to the most challenging problems in U.S. policy. Learn more at

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