A powerful way to expand solar access

With the right policies in place, community solar can save people money while adding clean energy to the grid.

On the Political Climate podcast this week:

How can you go solar when you can’t put panels on your roof? Don’t worry — there is a way! It’s through shared solar arrays, a model known as community solar. 

In this Political Climate Newsflash episode, host Julia Pyper and producer Maria Virginia Olano are joined by Canary Media Staff Writer Alison Takemura to discuss the growing popularity of community solar. Currently, there are 4.9 gigawatts of community solar installed in the United States, and big plans to grow that number exponentially over the next decade. 

Not only does community solar put more clean energy on the grid and help states and municipalities reach their climate and clean energy goals, but it can also save people money on their electric bills. However, the success of community solar projects often hinges on putting the right policies in place. 

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