Will today’s booming carbon market be able to avoid a bust?

Shayle Kann talks with Nat Bullard about emerging CO2 technology, rising demand and a new focus on removal.

Carbon markets of all types — avoidance, removal, voluntary, compliance — are hot. Startups are sprouting up, looking to develop, broker and verify new kinds of credits. More than a decade ago, there was a similar flurry of excitement around offsets, followed by a big crash in carbon markets. Experts blamed the Great Recession, as well as a lack of trust and transparency in the offsets themselves.

Will this time be different? 

In this episode, Shayle talks about what’s changed with Nat Bullard, chief content officer at Bloomberg New Energy Finance. They review the persistent oversupply and trust issues in voluntary offset markets and then examine the tech stack that could address them, such as Web3, blockchain and regenerative finance. They also take a look at the new focus on removal, which is easier to verify and track than avoidance. 

Also in the episode: What could carbon-market prices look like in 2050? Will large financial institutions or new regulations spur companies to adopt transparent carbon accounting practices? 

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