Will charging infrastructure be a bottleneck for electric vehicles?

Cassie Bowe of Energy Impact Partners weighs in on the business models, deployment and hardware of EV chargers.

On the Catalyst with Shayle Kann podcast this week:

Electric vehicles are moving quickly toward mass adoption. So how do we make sure that charging infrastructure keeps up?

The people who own, operate and install chargers have some big questions to answer: 

  • Can public chargers run a profit, and how do business models need to change to accelerate deployment?

  • Why is it so hard to repair broken stations?

  • Does it matter where we install new ones?

  • When will chargers be as ubiquitous and easy to use as gas stations?

In this episode, Shayle digs into these questions with his colleague Cassie Bowe, partner at the venture capital firm Energy Impact Partners, where she focuses on mobility. Cassie outlines the trajectory of charger deployment over the years, comparing charger accessibility in the U.S, China and Europe. 

Shayle and Cassie cover smart EV charging (known as V1G) and vehicle-to-grid charging (V2G), as well as the commodification of charging hardware. Plus, they discuss how soon we might see wireless EV charging and why Shayle doesn’t have an EV yet. 

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