What climatetech can learn from the oceans

Bluetech,” the range of technologies that touch the oceans, may prove to be an invaluable component of climate solutions.

On the Catalyst with Shayle Kann podcast this week:

So you want to build an offshore wind farm. Are you prepared to manage the marine-ecosystem impacts of construction? What about monitoring and protecting underwater electrical cables?

Or maybe you want to decarbonize shipping. Do you know how to trace low-carbon fuel through ports or maintain storage tanks in marine environments? How about managing worker safety on the ocean?

These are the kinds of questions that crop up at the intersection of climatetech and something called bluetech,” a term encompassing the spectrum of technologies that touch the oceans. And this marine-based expertise may prove invaluable to climate solutions. 

In this episode, Shayle talks to Alissa Peterson, co-founder and chief executive officer of SeaAhead, an organization that supports and incubates bluetech companies. They survey a range of technologies, covering topics including:

  • Alternative low-carbon fuels for shipping, such as ammonia, methanol and hydrogen.
  • Alternative proteins, fisheries and kelp.
  • Oceanic carbon removal, such as ocean alkalinity enhancement and sinking kelp to the bottom of the seabed 
  • Whether the buildout of large-scale coastal infrastructure in the U.S., including offshore wind, will suffer the same fate as long-distance transmission lines and stall due to a complex and draconian regulatory environment.

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