The Volts crossover episode

Thermal storage, small modular reactors, onshoring and more with David Roberts, host of Volts.

On the Catalyst with Shayle Kann podcast this week:

Some technologies grab the spotlight even beyond #energytwitter, and some fly under the radar. Which ones are getting more attention than they deserve, and which aren’t getting enough?

This is the episode you never knew you needed: Shayle talks to Volts host and Canary Media Editor-at-Large David Roberts about the most underhyped and overhyped trends in climatetech right now. David has written about clean technology for the past two decades, first at Grist and then at Vox. He now writes a newsletter and hosts a podcast of the same name.

Together, Shayle and David cover topics including:

  • Why this new wave of thermal storage technology is different.

  • Small modular reactors and why David and Shayle disagree on how much hype they deserve.

  • Why rising interest rates are starting to become a big problem for climatetech.

  • The Inflation Reduction Act and how people still don’t grasp how big of a deal it is.

  • Plus, electric stovetops, critical-mineral bottlenecks and networked geothermal.

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