How will the downturn affect climatetech?

What Wall Street’s recent nosedive means for the industry.

Stock markets are in decline. Inflation is on the rise. Interest rates are up. Private tech companies are laying off workers. 

Is this the long-awaited market correction that never quite materialized during the bull market of the last 13 years?

And what does it mean for climatetech? 

In this episode, Shayle talks to Saloni Multani, a partner at Galvanize Climate Solutions and former chief financial officer for Joe Biden’s 2020 campaign. 

Shayle and Saloni place the current moment in historical context. They cover the recent wave of low-cost capital that poured into climatetech and the low interest rates that gave renewables an advantage over fossil-fuel investments. 

Plus, they dive into some pressing questions like:

  • Are the broader market impacts on climatetech delayed? Or is climatetech somehow more insulated than general tech companies?

  • The green premium question: Will a downturn in the market jeopardize investments in more expensive but lower-carbon alternatives to fossil fuels, such as airlines’ recent purchases of sustainable aviation fuels?

  • How should climatetech investors rethink their strategies? What should entrepreneurs expect in the coming years?


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