Climatetech for developing economies

To build low-carbon economies in developing countries, we need to deploy the technology we already have.

On the Catalyst with Shayle Kann podcast this week:

Utilities in developing countries are juggling a complex set of problems: how to extend electricity to those who don’t have it; how to deploy large-scale electricity generation to power economic growth; and how to pursue these goals while decarbonizing. 

In this episode, guest host Lara Pierpoint talks to Kate Steel, CEO of Nithio, a finance company focused on off-grid clean energy in Africa. Kate and Lara discuss the options for separating economic growth from fossil fuels. Kate argues that we have the technology to develop low-carbon electrified economies in developing economies — we just need to deploy it.

Lara and Kate weigh in on: 

  • The tension between expanding access to low-cost power and attracting investment in large-scale baseload generation.
  • Why off-grid solar is often more economically viable than diesel generators for rural electrification.
  • How canceled power purchase agreements have stymied the development of renewables and how to solve these financing challenges.
  • Reverse” tech transfer from developing countries to developed ones, such as hyper-efficient appliances.
  • Options for off-grid power, such as lanterns, microgrids, microhydro, biogas and liquefied petroleum gas canisters.
  • How transportation may leapfrog fossil fuels in developing countries with electric motorbikes, buses and cars.

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