A day of gratitude (and news)

We’re feeling thankful for the overwhelming response to yesterday’s launch.
By Nicholas Rinaldi

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You know those folks who – presumably full of joy – jump as high as they can in front of beautiful vistas? That was the Canary Media team yesterday. A heartfelt thank you to everyone who supported us on day one. The response was overwhelming!

Some housekeeping before we jump into today’s articles.

If you missed our Clubhouse event last night, Twitter user @NiyerClimate has a good recap of the high-level points. (Thanks for taking notes, Nathan.)

Also, if you’re having some difficulty logging into our article comment system, you’re not alone. Our comments are powered by Commento, so you’ll just need an account with them to start posting. Click here to sign up.

Without further ado, the articles.

How distributed energy can harden the Texas power grid

Natural gas microgrids, battery-backed solar can hedge against climate change risk — maybe even without major policy changes. Read more →

LineVision lands $12.5M to enlighten the transmission grid

Rising renewables need more transmission capacity. Dynamic line rating (DLR) technology can help find it on the grids we already have. Read more →

Corporate net-zero climate goals: 2030 game-changers or 2050 greenwash?

The world has about two business cycles to alter investment decisions that will make or break the battle against climate change. Read more →

The Mother of News Stories

RMI CEO, Jules Kortenhorst, has an interesting op-ed in Project Syndicate today on the importance of independent, fact-based journalism in the fight against climate change. You can read it here.

He's got a point.

Thank you to Canary Media’s launch sponsors for their support.

Nicholas Rinaldi is the general manager at Canary Media, where he leads the outlet's marketing, content and operations teams.