Chart: How much will it cost to power your holiday lights this season?

A lot if you live in Hawaii. Not so much if you’re in Louisiana. See the average for your state.
By Canary Staff

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(Photo by Juliana Malta/Unsplash; graphic by Canary Media's Binh Nguyen)

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If you want to keep your days (and nights) merry and bright this year, how much will it run you? The bill for powering home holiday lights will vary a lot depending on where you live.

This map shows an estimated average for running lights eight hours a day for 36 days. The higher the cost of electricity in your state, the more you’ll pay, of course. Holiday illumination is cheapest in Louisiana, Oklahoma and Idaho, whereas it comes at a pricey premium in Hawaii, Alaska and Connecticut.

This data averages the costs of running incandescent lights and LED bulbs. If you go all-LED, your total outlay will be less than half the size it would for an all-incandescent display. Energy efficiency pays off yet again.

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