10 reasons to ❤️ Canary Media on our 2nd birthday

Here’s why our readers find our work so electrifying — and how you can help us charge up for another year of ambitious, independent clean energy reporting.
By Canary Staff

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A graphic that says Canary Media is turning Two. charge up our coverage with a donation on our birthday
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It’s Canary Media’s second birthday! Wondering what you could give us as a gift? Aw shucks, thanks for asking. It turns out there is a little something: a tax-deductible donation that will help us continue doing our good work. And if you’re not already convinced, below are 10 reasons why you should help us out — or at least 10 reasons to feel great about reading Canary Media.

10: We take climate solutions seriously, but we don’t take ourselves seriously.

From Climatoons to Energy Transition March Madness, from Super Soakers to killer playlists, Canary Media puts the fun in the fundamentals of decarbonization. And the wit in Twitter. Heck, we have a whole section of our site dedicated to fun stuff.

A bird wearing a birthday at blowing out a wind-turbine candles on a cake with a number 2 on it under a Happy birthday banner

9: We have the attention of power players in politics, business and advocacy. 

President Biden has tweeted out a Canary story. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm and Senator Martin Heinrich of New Mexico are regular readers. Other politicians from city council members to mayors on up to Congress share our work on social media. So do CEOs like Sunrun’s Mary Powell, climate activists like Bill McKibben, and agencies like the U.S. Department of Energy. Every day, our journalism reaches the people who are shaping the energy transition.

8: We don’t accept ads or money from oil and gas companies.

Actually, we don’t accept ads or money from any companies that engage in greenwashing or lack real commitment to decarbonization. That sets us apart in the media world — and gives readers confidence that we’re driven only by our desire to report the truth about clean energy.

7: We’re helping people electrify their homes and lives.

Got questions about heat pumps? We have answers. Stymied by rooftop solar? We get people unstuck. Our recent series on the home of the future offered insights on induction stoves, insulation and much more. And with tens of billions of dollars of home-electrification incentives soon to be up for grabs in America, our role as a carbon-cutting collaborator is just getting started.

6: We dive so deep into energy wonkery that our reporters practically need scuba gear. 

What other news outlet will give you a three-parter on hydrogen tax credits, a live debate on net-metering reform in California, and an hour-long podcast discussion about fixing transmission bottlenecks — and make them enjoyable?!

5: We’ve mastered the art of the chart. 

We don’t just write words; we crunch data. Every Friday, we bring you a chart of the week highlighting an interesting set of numbers on topics ranging from renewables deployment to EV adoption to green jobs.

4: We shine a spotlight on women kicking butt in climatetech. 

Our Charging Up column features advice from women leaders about their careers in clean energy, putting a spotlight on gender diversity in the sector. Women have long been underrepresented in tech, but it doesn’t have to be that way in climatetech.

3. We take big, ambitious swings at climate storytelling. 

We conducted a monthslong investigation into the murky world of certifications for green” liquefied natural gas. We made a splash with pioneering reporting on Auxin Solar, the company that triggered a scare over potential tariffs on solar panels. We hit the ground in Puerto Rico to do bilingual reporting on the territory’s solar boom. We published a series of articles on Hawaii’s groundbreaking moves to ditch coal. And we’ve got grand plans for more enterprise reporting — stay tuned.

2: We never put our stories behind paywalls. 

Our mission is to reach as many people as possible with our reporting on climate solutions, so all of our articles and podcasts are free. That means you can share our pieces with family, colleagues and especially that one doomer friend.

1: We know our stuff.

The Canary Media team has about a century of cumulative experience covering climate change and clean energy. We don’t get hoodwinked by hype or flummoxed by fads. We do get jazzed about realistic, scalable decarbonization solutions, and we can’t wait to tell you all about them — but only after we’ve scrutinized them top to bottom.

* * *

OK, you read all the way down to the end. That basically means you’re a Canary super-fan. So what do you say? Come on, give it up. Make a donation. Even a small one helps. You’ll feel great, and Canary will live to report another day. Thank you so much!

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