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Clean energy journalism for a cooler tomorrow

Newsletter: Long-duration storage, net metering 3.0 and building decarbonization

All today’s articles from the Canary Media team.
By Nicholas Rinaldi

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It’s been an active Monday in the Canary newsroom. And we have another exciting week on tap, including David Roberts’ second article for the site coming Wednesday. Today’s articles are below.

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Long-duration storage roundup: News, players and technology

Long-duration storage keeps on slipping into the future.
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The battle over net metering 3.0 in California: Energy equity and the future of rooftop solar

Utilities and solar groups are fighting over the cost shift. But both agree the next stage in policy must bring low-income customers and fundamental grid needs into balance.
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Pandemic raises the profile of decarbonization — and clean air — tech for buildings

As office buildings start to reopen around the world, they must balance increased energy efficiency with indoor air quality.
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Nicholas Rinaldi is the general manager at Canary Media, where he leads the outlet's marketing, content and operations teams.