Newsletter: Electric vehicles are a societal wealth opportunity

By Nicholas Rinaldi

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Jeff St. John examines a new report on electric vehicles today from researchers at GridLab, Energy Innovation and the University of California, Berkeley. The report signals that an all-electric transition will achieve:

  • About $2.7 trillion in consumer cost savings through 2050.
  • 150,000 avoided premature deaths and nearly $1.3 trillion in avoided health and environmental costs through 2050.
  • 45 percent economywide carbon emissions reductions by 2030 relative to 2005 levels.
  • More than 2 million net jobs created by 2035.
  • Read it here.

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Ladies and gentlemen, Julian Spector 🍍🍹🌴

In honor of Julian’s first week at Canary, we let him wax poetic on battery storage, the energy transition, Las Vegas vs. Anaheim, and his latest hobby: tiki drinks.

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