A message from Canary’s most cantankerous correspondent

I get cranky about dead-end climatetech sectors and energy startups staffed by hucksters, but here’s what actually makes me optimistic.
By Eric Wesoff

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Eric Wesoff (pv magazine)

Dear Canary Media readers,

You might know me as the Canary reporter who’s dubious about the cost-effective rollout of fuel cells, hydrogen cars, food-based fuels, cow-fart inhibitors and a litany of other impractical technologies. I suspect bad faith in the push to slap new tariffs on solar panels. I see the oil and gas industry agenda behind overhyped carbon-capture claims. And all this chaps my hide because we’ve got limited time and money to get the clean energy transition done right.

But I’m not a cantankerous reporter full-time. I’m also the editorial director for Canary Media, a role that jolts my curmudgeonly system with bursts of optimism, as I work with our talented team that’s reporting on the many promising developments already helping us to ditch fossil fuels.

It’s with my editorial-director hat on that I’m coming to you today with an ask: Please donate to help us keep up our reporting. Canary Media is a nonprofit, and we can only continue our work — and continue to make it free for everyone to access — if our readers and fans step up to contribute.

Want to keep reading my skeptical takes on startups staffed by hucksters and technology sectors unlikely to ever be ready for prime time? And my colleagues’ more sunny reporting on the policies, companies and communities that are leading the way to a clean energy future? Then please lend us a helping hand. Each gift warms my cantankerous heart. 

Yours truly,

Eric Wesoff

Eric Wesoff is editorial director at Canary Media.