Newsletter: Lithium-ion, electric trucks, using AI to finance solar in Africa and more

Plus, a Clubhouse on climate journalism next Tuesday.

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We have an exciting Clubhouse panel on climate journalism lined up for next Tuesday, April 20, at 8:00 p.m. EDT. Our Editor-in-Chief Jeff St. John will host the panel and be joined by Katie Fehrenbacher, Jenn Kho and Sammy Roth. Check it out right here.

Below you’ll find today’s articles.

🔋🗓️ How do lithium-ion batteries actually work? David Roberts explains

It’s still battery week, and it’s finally time to get anodes and cathodes straight. Read more →

⚡🚛 DOE commits $100M in grants to put electric trucks on the road

The SuperTruck program funds research and development, and road tests are planned for this fall. But more real-world proof — and much more charging infrastructure — is needed. Read more →

☀️🌍 Expanding solar access in Africa through artificial intelligence

It’s hard to measure risk for solar investing in sub-Saharan Africa. Nithio has raised $30M to change that. Read more →

Anyone need a drummer?

Meet Emma Foehringer Merchant, Contributing Writer and part-time drummer. She joined Canary this week to cover solar and more. Join us in welcoming her on Twitter @emmafmerchant!

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