Are Biden’s climate ambitions in Congress dead?

After 18 months of negotiations, one Democratic senator may have finally crushed Biden’s legislative agenda for good.

On The Carbon Copy podcast this week:

The hits to President Biden’s climate ambitions keep on coming. Two years ago, Biden put forward a $2 trillion climate plan. After Democrats failed to move a bill forward last year, that package was whittled down to $300 billion. 

This spring was supposed to be the moment that package passed. And then spring turned into summer. Now, as lawmakers prepare to clear out and head off for their August break, it looks like the passage of a climate bill of any size is unlikely — thanks to West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin (D).

Senator Manchin has nearly killed his party’s chance of doing something big on climate. The window of opportunity for legislation is closing — and it could bring a painful end to Biden’s stalled agenda. What options are left?

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