A breakout year for carbon removal?

Suddenly, there’s a lot more attention focused on engineered carbon removal. Can it scale?

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On The Carbon Copy podcast this week:

In the last year, venture investments in carbon removal have doubled. Top tech companies are buying credits or taking equity stakes in cutting-edge projects to pull carbon out of the air and oceans. 

And it’s not just propellerheads who are talking among themselves about the technology — a new wave of emerging talent is taking notice as well.

Was 2022 the breakout year for engineered carbon removal?

We were all holed up in Covid lockdown. And we get out, and suddenly everybody’s like, Talk to me about carbon,’ says Julio Friedmann, chief scientist at Carbon Direct. 

This week, we discuss the state of carbon removal. There’s a growing scientific consensus that there’s no way we can achieve net-zero emissions without stripping lots of carbon out of the air. 

We’ll hear from Julio Friedmann about the scientific urgency, tech advancements and barriers to scale. And we’ll hear from Microsoft’s Rafael Broze about how the software giant is investing in the carbon-removal space.

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Transcript available here.